Poetry of living

We are all one clear infinite mind.
We as individuals may choose to employ the magic of thought (words and images) and make up our very own individually unique simulation, our very own individually unique world. We may choose NOT to employ thought ourselves and NOT make our own simulation, instead we choose to tune into another’s simulation, adopting it as our own, resulting a collective simulation commonly called “the world”. We suffer greatly as we allow ourselves to become fully immersed into the growing absurdity, pleasant or unpleasant, of the simulation. Eventually, we remember that suffering and uncertainty cannot be our destiny. We remember peace and joy and freedom as our innate rights as living beings. We decisively immediately drop all words and images we previously employed.
We come to our senses, return to ourselves and rest in being our true essence, clear mind.
As we grow wiser, we realise there is no advantage whatsoever in employing the magic of thought for making a simulation other than the “advantage” of suffering the finding a way out of it.
Only living in reality, the clear mind, is truly fulfilling life to be lived, always innocent, always new, fresh, always mesmerising. We remember this is what we truly desire. We choose only this. Breathing, turning attention inside, towards the core of our being, until we re-emerge into the clear infinite mind.