Words for women, words for men

We use words everyday. All the time. There should be a school to teach us how to use them. How to stay in touch with my true intention when speaking a word. How to say it in a way that produces good feelings in the other. Because it's not only about the logical information they … Continue reading Words for women, words for men

What is a woman most afraid of

There are NOT fun things ... in woman's world. From all woman's life-long battles (which are not few, nor easy, some daily sink monsters, perhaps the most hazardous one is with feelings of threat to the integrity and wellness of her home and marriage. "Threat" may come in various forms, sizes and through many channels … Continue reading What is a woman most afraid of

Spring! Chores, Plans and Dreams

Yesterday, my husband cooked while I was busy planting blueberry, raspberry, black currant and red currants. It's a real green rainy birds chirping puppies jumping spring here in center Romania. Much expected and anticipated spring, loaded with gardening plans and dreams of summer flowers, friends parties on patio and crunchy flavorful vegetables. Could be overwhelming … Continue reading Spring! Chores, Plans and Dreams