How can I say it lovingly?

I wish to have the right tone when I speak and when I write too. Yesterday, after writing the For the Love of Thai Curry post, I thought about the tone of my speech. It might sound I am complaining or a little sarcasm about my husband’s perfectionist way of cooking (which it’s not new, but I wish to loose it, because although sarcasm “sounds smart” it doesn’t give a good feeling, not to me nor to my husband. Now, I care more for generating good feelings than I care about appearing smart.)

It seams I need to remember my intention every time I write (or speak). “I want to love”. It’s enough to remember this, because the magic happens later on its own. Questions arise: how can say this so it makes the other feel loved and appreciated? How can I say it from love? Then sit back, relax and watch the magic happening.

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