Amore Italiano! Pasta with Broccoli!


Today, for our late lunch, broccoli pasta. Semplice! And healthy nutritious!
Step 1. Cut broccoli flower heads and peal the large stem and chop it.





Step 2. Steam the broccoli. I used a pasta cooking pot with strainer. (Recommendations: don’t go away from it, you don’t want to overcook your broccoli. It should remain green and hold its shape. If you do overcook it, don’t lose hope. Make cream soup with it! 🙂





Step 3. In a large pot (we always use our faithful wok) heat up some olive oil and throw a few sliced garlic cloves in it. (Don’t burn the garlic, it will taste awful.) If you like, melt a few anchovies in the oil. It will flavor everything beautifully.
Add your al dente cooked broccoli to the oil and wait until the pasta is cooked (al dente, of course) and “marry” it with the broccoli.






Step 4. Presto! Mangiano! Serve with lemon juice on top, a little drizzled extra virgin olive oil and sprinkle a few lightly roasted pine nuts, if you have and/or like.

Si mangia bene, eh?





P.S. All recipes and cooking recommendations come from my husband who studied and experimented a lot italian cooking! Thank you, my dear, for discovering deliciousness!


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