How I defeated the monster in the sink

Speaking of woman’s daily battles, I lose myself every evening in front of a sink full of dishes. Mornings I am dreaming in front of my closet wondering how will I want to feel that day and how could I compromise that for warmth and comfort.
But this one is about kitchen wars. We used to have a dishwasher because we are home a lot and we eat a lot. My faithful dishwasher fulfilled her destiny after three years of daily cleaning a full load. For the past year I am hand washing. A woman must come to peace about her duties: cleaning, caring for family, and raising kids. And I must say I do now. I have accepted my role hence I am complaining far less and in a much softer way. (one cannot love and complain at the same time, in the same way cannot judge or argue and love). I used to take my Ipod and listen to music while washing dishes.
But still there is room for more. And better. What if daily chores become a fun game to play? Today I did it. All it takes is right intention and a willingness and openness to play.
Set intention: I want dish washing to be a fun game for me to play! Sure enough the Universal Consciousness delivers. I asked “who wants tea?” My husband said “Me!” So I filled a liter pot with water and placed it on fire. And the magical idea comes to mind:” I bet I can wash all dishes before the water is boiling!” That got me really focused and organized. I started. I had a fair amount of dishes, not an awful amount but still … about six big flat plates, four bowls, a couple of cups, pasta cooking pot with strainer and the big Chinese wok (which we use for everything including cooking pasta sauce over which we add the pasta and “marry” the two). Who would have thought? Able to wash dishes in less than 5 minutes!!! Ha-ha! I have defeated the monster in the sink!
But best of all … Now I am sure Fun is at hand, all I have to do is ask!
Stop fighting, ladies! Play more!


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