How can a woman stay in love

What is love, really?
When you google the word “love” … well, you find mostly sex. A while ago I felt appalled by this huge misunderstanding of what love really means. Later, as I discovered more facts about sex and gently released many uber-romantic preconceptions about what love is supposed to be, I am beginning to understand that sex is the most common easy way of expressing and exchanging … love. Another is food. Yet another is breathing.

But what is love? What causes us to be “in love”? Is love like a substance or electromagnetic field to be in … or out of it?
They say “love is everywhere”, “love is all around”, “love is all you need”, “love is the answer” …
I believe that at the core of their being, that innermost deep desire of a woman is simply to love. She just can’t help it, it’s written deep in her feminine DNA. It’s who she is.
Love is not a feeling-emotion, but a state of being… that feels wonderful. Being in love means being well, in the flow of things, all is all right, the world is simply perfect as it is, nothing needs to be done, nothing needs to change, all is well …. ALL IS WELL field of being. It’s the place men are drawn to, where they may rest and recharge their batteries, find inspiration for better actions, heal their wounds. Man cannot easily access this place than through a woman.

Nature, although impersonal, is a sure place to go to find that Love/All Is Well field. That’s why women need “pretty things” like flowers or sparkling stones because these reactivate our natural instinct to be more like Nature and they remind us of ourselves(dear gentelmen, please try and remeber this: to a flower, chocolate and even a sparkling stone, add a sincere compliment, wait a bit, and you will see miracles!)

When I’m in love, the air I breathe is sweet, colors are vibrant, sounds are pleasing, people are lovable, kids want to play with me, plants are thriving everywhere, my husband is rested, happy, at peace, strong and healthy, confident, eager to do things, inspired, powerful, …

How can a woman stay in love or return to love? But before that, what makes a woman come out of love. Well, it’s that “what about me, what about what I want?” thought. Somehow we are being persuaded that we want other things besides love, like a career, speaking my own mind, helping the helpless, building my own ideas, following my own dreams. It’s a trap. We want nothing from outside of love. Because nothing exists outside of love. But we are being fooled that getting what “I want” and getting it myself in the way I wanted will make me feel good. But it never does, does it? Being in love and loving makes a woman feel like a woman, like she is truly herself. It’s just the way it is. And you just can’t love and judge/argue/disagree/resist/defend/offend/make a point/debate/go after at the same time, can you?
The funny thing is … only after I accept my nature and my role in life, all those little things I thought I wanted start coming my way, but not through my own efforts. They come more gloriously, more surprizingly, more elaborated, more polished and more enriched, through My Man! Because that’s His nature. While woman’s nature is to be, man’s nature is to do things. A woman can do through the power of her man, and a man can love through the state of his woman. They both need each other.

How can I stay in love even at harder times?
I like to think of Love as a substance thiner and more pervasive than air and water. It’s like a velvety fabric of which all “empy space” is made of. Tiny little sparkling particles that … are everywhere. And I am breathing them. I find this thought simple enough and sufficient to shift my orientation and place me in a more opened state of mind. Cleanses all my troubleing thoughts. Regenerate my body and re-harmonizes my energies. Allows me to re-enter in the Field of Love. From here, I can see a brighter future. Dream!

It’s visible … my husband is saying “You look so fresh!” (Everytime I worry, he notices my forehead wrinkles.)


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