Spring! Chores, Plans and Dreams

Yesterday, my husband cooked while I was busy planting blueberry, raspberry, black currant and red currants.
It’s a real green rainy birds chirping puppies jumping spring here in center Romania. Much expected and anticipated spring, loaded with gardening plans and dreams of summer flowers, friends parties on patio and crunchy flavorful vegetables. Could be overwhelming at times, especially when the body is still running in half-hibernating-long-dark-nights-stay-indoors mode.
Nature contemplation is still my number one mental self-care method. It never gets boring. I could sit and watch the sky for hours in complete stillness. At the end, I truly feel as a component of Nature. Last summer, I felt so completely natural when a butterfly landed right on my palm which I felt inspired to open and offer. He flew away then came back and landed one more time … on my palm. There is so much fun when we do take the time and respond to Nature’s invitations to play!
My husband planted an oak tree yesterday. He planned for this all winter long. He went in the back country and found the perfect baby tree, took a snap shot of it and waited until … yesterday. He seamed so pleased!
I dream about a garden/park here in our backyard. I would call it Carpe Diem Park. It’s a place outside of time, like a forever moment floating above all history. Like a portal towards your own dreams.


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