Steamed Olive Oil Garlic Nettles

Nettle. Because it’s here, it’s fresh from our backyard, it’s been cleaned by the bountiful rains, and … it’s tasty & super nutritious! And kids love it!

I picked their more tender tips while I continously thanked the Universe for this gift: picking my food from my back yard! Ah, what fun!


I washed them in some salted water. Next, I steamed them a little just until they become soft but remain green.
In my trustworthy wok, I heated some olive oil and lightly sote (just to flavour the oil) a few sliced garlic cloves. Then, I turned off the heat, added my tender nettles and coat them thoroughly with garlic oil. Place it all on a serving platter. Lemon juice on top.
I toast a few slices of multigrain&seeds bread. And …


Ah, feels so good when kids really like nutritious food!
Yesterday, my husband made a delicious nettles cream soup! Added some shreaded mozzarela in it … I loved it! Not much success with the kids though! They are not so keen about creamed soups.


2 thoughts on “Steamed Olive Oil Garlic Nettles

  1. I am fond of cooking and i am really going to try this is out . thanks for sharing .. and i wish to nominate your blog for the Liebster Award . I am going to update my blog about this award shorty . You can check out the same so tht you get to know what has to be done next .


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