Spring Cleaning Makes Room for Fun

Spring has so much newness to offer. So much aliveness, so much freshness, so much fragrance, colors, sweetness. Clouds reign like glorious kings and queens, looking down with compassion while softly floating across the blue. The earth is deep humid brown, tree bark is almost black but the the greeness of the grass is so enthused and confident. Who would be crazy enough not to look forward to the summer?


I feel urged to purge. I like to do a general inner cleaning every now and then. Spring time demands it!
So I ask:
“Clean my body of all feeding residues. Clean my mind of all obsolete ideas. Clean my heart of all unnecesary emotions, those that have served their purpose of signaling me if “On/ Off Track”. Tame down my spirit, keep my desires at bay, serve them to me one at a time. Help me enjoy the best I can my experience of being … here, now, alive!”

Too many play invitations I get from Life. One says “come, dance with me!” Another says “come, make a garden with me!” “Come, write a blog with me!”, “Come, watch a movie with me!”, “Come, read!”, “Come, listen!”, “Come and make some money!”, “Come and talk!”
“Come, dream away of far away places and far away times!”
“Come, come …”


Ah, it’s fun to join in a game or two. It’s easy to lose track of time and find myself inertially playing along while fun is long gone. Where did fun go? Why didn’t I move on with it? Who fooled my mind into staying back until results show?
The beauty of being woman … I dress up, lipstick, shoes, bag and a cool bracelet and I am back in love. And Love it’s the place where everlasting fun is 😉

Don’t take my word for it! Try it yourself! Say this to your Self (angel, superconscious self, higher self, bigger me, spirit guide, etc): I want to feel the fun of being in love with Life!
Note what happens next!

Oh, we barely scratch the surface! The rich deep fragrant full fun is yet to be discovered! Ah, this thought makes me so… impatiently eager, but also more sensitive. I don’t want to lose a thing!