Woman “stuff” I like to ask for

“Ask and it is given!”

What to ask for? Tricky question. Every time we ask for something, it comes with a bunch of collateral strings attached to it. Right?
“I want a car.” OMG, I don’t have a garage, money for gas, insurance, not even a driver’s licence. Hm, maybe it’s not the right time for me to have a car. Maybe later. Let it come.
Ok, then, what to ask for now? Well, I ask for clarity and quietness of mind. You can’t go wrong with that.
I ask for pink glasses. I like to look at world through a filter that allows only beauty and harmony to my eyes. (I hear the voices of rational men argueing that this is not a realistic view of life. Perhaps! I will not argue. But another realistic approach will not enliven the atmosphere in the house, will it? Besides, reality of today is yesterday’s dream. So today’s dream … You see what I mean. 🙂


Let’s see what other good stuff I like to ask for. Ah, I ask for inspiration. Inspiration to write, to bring zing to a conversation, to soothe my children, to give my man rest and comfort or even to inspire him with a great idea, to bring peace in my friend’s heart. Always good things for a woman to ask for: Inspiration to dress nicely freshly naturally elegantly and many other beautiful adjectives I like. Inspired to grow and cook healthy nutritious food.

I ask for easy flow of energy in me, in my family, my town and world. I ask for easy fresh Fun. I ask for beautiful weather and healthy clean nature. I ask for new dreams.
I ask for calm easy mornings … Well, they are during vacation time. (Need to work a bit on this!)