What is a woman most afraid of

There are NOT fun things … in woman’s world.
From all woman’s life-long battles (which are not few, nor easy, some daily sink monsters, perhaps the most hazardous one is with feelings of threat to the integrity and wellness of her home and marriage.
“Threat” may come in various forms, sizes and through many channels (as many as she leaves open 😦
Regardless its form, source or channel, threat is not “in love” kind of feeling. On the contrary, threat means fear and fear is the exact oposite side of love. Yes, it is fear. Not hate.
Fear of being left without something (someone) whom I really love. It’s normally human to hold onto my home world. To hold onto … My Man. Like the song …
“And I’d do anything to get you into my world and hold you within.” Inside I can play and grow, I can learn a lot and discover more of whom I am or … whom I have become. However, there comes a time … when home needs a bit of remodeling and especially … extending, expanding. Because I am different now. I have “suffered” the threats of fear, I have “survived” through my own will and by the mighty power of All Good Life Force and now … I am getting a new improved Me. An improved expanded home becomes mandatory. A few rules of the game might change or even better, clarify.
~ * ~
“Life long lovers always stand by each other, regardless rightness or wrongness of opinion.” Nothing is worse than the one I am most open to, my lover, joins and supports “the enemy”. Talking about a clear wide open channel for getting to me!
Rightness/wrongness can be discussed later, casually, amusingly, at a romantic tête-a-tête dinner, relaxed by a glass of nice wine. “Might be, might not be, honey! Let’s see how it develops!”
Now, don’t get me wrong! I am aware that “the enemy” is simply someone whom I randomly decide is. Someone I just don’t like .. today. This person simply plays a role in my game. It’s for the fun of discovering the fun part of it, a new exciting rule, of understanding and finding one more piece of the puzzle, for making it all a million times better, for the thrill of discovering myself the way to way more joy. For keeping us awake to each other.
So it is still all joy in the end.

“Woman in love” Barbara Streisand