Words for women, words for men

We use words everyday. All the time. There should be a school to teach us how to use them. How to stay in touch with my true intention when speaking a word. How to say it in a way that produces good feelings in the other.
Because it’s not only about the logical information they carry. Words carry the entire mood.
Words carry feelings. They carry unspoken dreams and desires.
Even written words do so.
I love listening my husband telling me stories about what’s new in the world. Many times I fall asleep while we are watching a movie. I am not frustrated because the way he tells the story of the movie .. it is so much better.
Sometimes he is not in mood of talking. I can feel his effort of producing sound. Words come out like formless blubber slabbed on the cold sleek floor. Plop! Words create, remodel, organize, simplify, improve, convey, explain, clarify. Words work hard. So sometimes, he just wants to rest. Sometimes he needs time off. Sometimes he simply needs more space. Time to be with the guys, to feel ok just being … himself. No words.
Then, I read some, I sit under my blooming apple tree and contemplate nature, I invite it to heal and regenerate my bodymind, I try to find a peaceful thought regarding each subject of our life.
Ah, communication made easy. Hm, … Flowing, enticing, daring, heart felt authentic, present tense, starting with “I feel”, “I think”, “I see” … Yeah! Communication between men and women could and should be simple. To use information that the other one is able to hear and process through their specific brain wiring.
So, what kind of information is appropriate for women’s brain? What I like to hear is how you think I should be! Tell me how to be! Be calm, be mysterious, be strong, be patient, be confident, be amused, be warm, be cool, be sweet, be glamorous, be indifferent … It’s language I can understand quickly. Short and effective. Because there is a great amount of information stored in these kind of words, for a woman, especially when it is delivered beautifully wrapped in the right tone of voice.
“Tell me how you think I should be right now!” that’s all I need to hear from you, My Man!
As for men … I think all they need to hear from us is what we want. And women MUST learn to ask from their men! Short and clear! Because a man simply loves to take care of his woman! And we, ladies, we … simply love to be as they like us to, don’t we?