My Food is Emotion

Food and Emotion

I just realized I am hungry for emotions. I might be addicted. We all have our addictions. I am able to suppress this hunger for a while, to focus on my mind’s games or my body’s senses. But only for a while. The food I crave for is made of words that make my heart pump a million gallons per minute. I am satisfied with eating simple subtle tasting grains and veggies food, but I need good beautiful lovely pleasing buttery juicy delicious heart melting eye watering emotions. I feel I am slowly drying out in their absence. No food may replace them. So I hunt poems, songs, music, art … anything that has an authentic emotion filled thought at its base! Authenticity with a clean intention of beauty! I hunt memories and imagine more. My imagination has been my reliable source of emotions. I can create my own “recipes”!
Oh, what a realization this is!
Amazingly freeing!