I want to be my Self

What feels good? It feels best to know who I am. To know I am not limited to this body, mind and emotions.
It feels good to realize I can be totally free. That I can be happy if I choose it. That I can be love if I choose so. That nothing and no one may interfere with my choices.
It feels good to feel subtle, gentle and delicate inner voice talking to me, saying secret words that only I can hear.
It feels good to exchange resent for love, fear and weakness for invincibility, torment for peace, illusions for reality.
It feels good to say ‘I love you means I see you free, happy and at peace. I see you as I know my self to be.’
It feels really good to finally know what is really good to say I want, because it is the truth: I want to be my Self.
It feels good to be able to tell others ‘I love you’. To All others. Because you all are the same … Self. With a different face.
It feels REAL GOOD!