Dream World ~ part 1

Like a butterfly I am seeking the light. In this deep dark forest of shadows and illusions, I follow the silver sparkling radiant bread crumbs path. I feed on each new crumb of light I am finding. Illusive branches stretched like witch’s arms are trying to tear my wings. Loud illogical voices are trying to distract me from my quest. My untrained baby mind is combining colors, words and forms to create scary creatures like wars, treaths of all sorts, planet destruction, animal abuse, inhumane human behavior … I remember now not to be afraid of these projections that my irrational crazy mind has created. Are just special effects. The many voices of shadows I can easily distinguish from the real Voice of my Lord. I am a being of Light seeking my way home to my Lord, the one true Light. I feed on light and I get lighter and more enlighted each step along the way. I remember the calm golden sea shore. Sparkling blue above and also beneath. Never alone. Home.

Home. Soooo comfortable. Easy. Rhythm of Life. Bum-bum, bum-bum, bum-bum. Breathe deep and easy. Soooo relaxed. Sleeeeeeeeeping in my hamak. Soooo resting. Soooo warm and soooo cool. Hearing sooooooothing gentle strokes of water washing the golden sand. Mild breeze in my hair. Sweet perfume from my hair and my body that has been washed in the sea foam and bathed in tropical flower mist. Soooooo fresh! Soooooo clean. I wear a white fine cotton summer dress. I breathe in the different types of perfumes coming my way in waves. Frangipani flower, sea, hibiscus flower, warm sand, mint, shells, etc. I am being immersed in sea of fragrances. By whom?
In front of my eyes, inside, a quick recap of my DNA knowledge. Meta logical forms of christ(alline) sacred geometry: the flower of Life, the fruit of Life, the Mer-Ka-Bah human body ship, the sacred community church of Christ, the Kingdom of God Paradise. Innumerable vibrant colors each with a life of its own, combining themselves by a precise formula and … Zbrrrrrr, they fly off like birds of all kinds. Oh, the creation of bird, what a long process going through bulky clumsy dinosaurs. There is this certain shade of purple that I follow around. It’s hiding from me at times. Then, I play with my faithful friend, the spring green. It’s everywhere at all times.
Music is there too. Alive. Choirs of angels voices, one for each dimension of creation. New musical instruments made of shells and deep earth crystals never seen by human eye. Music changes forms and combines them too. Music is the engine of creation.
As I lay in my hamak, the breeze gently swaying me. My white thin straw hat falls on the golden sand with a funny sound, like a foot stepping on sand. Thinking of steps on sands makes me desire walking on the golden shore. I leave my hamak gently swaying in the breeze, I pick my white thin hat and I begin walking. My feet are happy crunching the golden sand and so is the breeze as it starts playing with my dress and my hair, caressing my skin in a most tender manner.