Game Grids and Communication

I’d like to give permission to all to play their game.

There are many dimensions of experience. Each one is like a grid or a network of pathways established onto a certain basic vibration or sound. I like the sound of peace. Absolute calm and stillness … Near this.
I see people playing on the games of separations, where everything is divided into two, good and evil. The duality game. They are inevitably in a state of war most of the time as they are fighting to reach or to obtain what they consider is good or fighting to destroy or to stop what they think is evil. I see it’s their chosen game. I see they enjoy playing it. I see they don’t want to hear about a place where duality doesn’t exist, where everything is equally … just being. Therefore I feel I must give them permission to play on in their chosen grid. However they don’t seam to believe that playing in a grid of unity where everything is interconnected as parts of a bigger picture, in the grid of oneness is equally fun to be. I’d like to give myself permission to play in the grid of my choice. I am eager to taste what has been placed on my plate for me.
These two main grids have each millions of different types of grids. Each grid is a person’s secret garden. Each grid is a personal universe. Their own worlds, as we like to say. Grids do not intersect. They are connected through bridges. The bridge is a channel of communication through which both worlds open to each others. Elements from one grid may pass into the other, willingly or unwillingly. So we may experience the multiverse.
For example, now I inhabit my home country village orchard childhood dream with my family. While here, in central Romania, my mind opens bridges of communication with people living in Hawaii, who are swimming, caring and communicating with dolphins, whales and other extraterrestrial friends. I gave myself permission to tune in to their grid and hear what they are broadcasting. I hear they are experiencing some difficulties in communication with leaders of the country and national security officials. Each party wants to play their own chosen game, undisturbed. However, they disturb one another. I imagine how sorry both parties would feel when communication channels between them open and deeper understanding of the others’ perspective happens. They’d both be sorry for not being aware of the greater truth, shared by both. An expanded common game. How wonderful when bridges open and the light of awareness is free to pass, to enlighten and expand the mind. Both parties win when they play together. Whales and dolphin friends have useful information for national security, elements that they’ve been missing. Cetacean Nation may help them greatly by showing them that they have nothing to fear except their own baby mind projections. Their technology may help whale and dolphin friends to fine tune and translate more easily their interspecies communication. For all of us to tune in to 😉
But I strayed a little far from Home. Time to go back.