Animal Me, Child Me, Adult Me and Elder Me

This morning as I laid in bed, I feel relaxing becomes more and more natural and my mind is at ease and there is peace in my heart. As I let go even more, suddenly I see this image of me, a complete me with all my four aspects aligned: animal-physical aspect, child-emotional, adult-mental and … Continue reading Animal Me, Child Me, Adult Me and Elder Me

My work of art is my life

I write all my life. My life is right here, in black words marked down on a pure white sheet of paper (or back screen). 99,99 % of the words I write one may oversee as they are just debris of the artistic process. Like Michelangelo said, the work of art already resides in the … Continue reading My work of art is my life

Central Romania Spirit of Aloha

As Aunty explained to Lilou Mace in an interview, Hawaiians have very few words because words are powerful creating tools. A creator does not need too many tools to create. Perhaps that's why cleaning is necessary in western contemporary world: to delete all words that we invented but don't create what we love. Hawaiians have … Continue reading Central Romania Spirit of Aloha

Just think Now

Just think now. Now... I feel Now ... I breathe deeply Now ... I am calm Now ... I watch a meaningless show of words and images Now ... I feel inspired to do something Now ... I feel certain of love, joy, grace Now ... Just one thought.