I am in love with Peace

They say I am …

… Unstable
… Unreliable
… Naive
… Unsure
… Mad
… Delusional
… Uncertain
… Moody

They are not looking where I am. They are merely looking where I was. They don’t see me. They merely see my shadow.
Where I am, invincibility is. Where I am, serenity is. Where I am, grace is. Where I am, eternal light is. Where I am, forgiveness is. Where I am, authenticity is. Where I am, joy of being is. Where I am, pure peaceful space is. Perfect clarity.
I am complete. I am Inspiration. I am a visitor here. I will only visit for a little while. I will not leave a mark of my stay here. I will climb mountains, I will bathe in oceans and yet the earth will never remember me passing through.
He says he loves me … He is always thinking of ways to prove it. I have no need of proves. I know.
Obsession for a few parts of my body is love. I know it is. I wish to see him free of all enchaining obsessions. But following him in his hell will not help him. I will stay in my Peace. May my peace expand to all my relations, to entire world, entire universe. And it is. I know.
I am in love with Peace. Only. And it is enough.