Ho’ oponopono

My inspiration on ho’ oponopono to share.

Data is ok. Not good, not bad. Data is random programs running havoc. Data is so called rules of the world, objects, ideas, beliefs, organizations, institutions. Everything that has “must” or “should” or “want” or “hate” or “past” attached is data. Data is a big bucket of flimsy dirty old plastic toys. We, the children, are playing with the toys. Some we like, some we hate. With Ho’oponopono , as we walk through our day, we collect as many toys we want and we take them to our Father Creator. He will clean them (and us from their marks of dirt) and use them as samples to create for us the real pure perfect diamond gold thing.
However, too many toys create confusion for our little minds. We believe we must sort them out first, before presenting them to Father. We believe they are the real thing so we play with them for too long until we feel sick and tired and dirty and depressed from lack of meaning and purpose. To wipe these beliefs we say “I’m sorry!”
” I’m sorry I got attached to this toy and played with it for so long when I should have simply and quickly offer it to You. Because I love You. Thank you for transmuting it and giving it back to me as perfect and real. A miracle. ”
The more data I am offering to Father, the more miracles I get back from Him.
Like Alice in Wonderland. At one point she realized playing with a pack of cards made no sense. She simply blew them all clear. Then, she went back to living from inspiration.