We call it life …

… But it can’t be life before love.
Here I am, in a dream place, filled with green grass, bountiful orchards, splendid expansive views, in an authentic good people community, surrounded by dear kids, sharing it all with a good man. Why aren’t I truly happy?
Why don’t I leap of joy every single day? ( I do most of the time). What is missing here?
Oh, the knowlegde of joy … How may I learn it? How may I remember it? What true love is? Why is a moment different than another? Who may teach me true joy of being? Spontaneity? Moment inspiration? Clarity? Unity? Expressing feelings of now?
I remember. But I wish to be in a place where everyone knows how is done and I could be silent and watch them and learn. Where each feels free to follow his bliss without worrying about anything. I’d like to watch how they do this. Where they speak their moment heart feeling with calm and confidence. I’d love to learn that. Where they live moment by moment without planning or worrying for tomorrow. Where they take time to breathe deeply, walk in nature, appreciate everything, play, and actively listening to one who feels inspire to speak. Where they share their daily miracles with passion. Where they beautifully praise Creator with every word or dead or thought. Where they look at another with love and compassion, feeling how we are all … One.
That’s what they’d call Life. But us .. Well, we call that utopia.
Oh, life is funny. One moment, I believe I really have it. The next moment, I am out of it again. Then, … I’ll try to find a different way to get back in. Or maybe, it is in essence, the same: Creator love.


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