Central Romania Spirit of Aloha

As Aunty explained to Lilou Mace in an interview, Hawaiians have very few words because words are powerful creating tools. A creator does not need too many tools to create. Perhaps that’s why cleaning is necessary in western contemporary world: to delete all words that we invented but don’t create what we love.
Hawaiians have the word “aloha” which is used for everything. Greetings, thank you, welcome, good-by …. It means simply “love”. Love is all there is. Nothing else than love is real or exists.
I would delete all words that don’t relate to or express love.
The only thing we are to do is to express love and enjoy the love is being expressed all around us.
Ah, I love the clarity and simplicity of this teaching. It’s complete and absolute true for now and forever. That’s why I am greatly in love with Hawaii since I was a little girl.
So, here I am, a messenger for the spirit of aloha, here in central Romania. “The spirit of aloha is transportable” as Aunty said.
How do you express love in your life experience? Moment by moment.