Animal Me, Child Me, Adult Me and Elder Me

This morning as I laid in bed, I feel relaxing becomes more and more natural and my mind is at ease and there is peace in my heart. As I let go even more, suddenly I see this image of me, a complete me with all my four aspects aligned: animal-physical aspect, child-emotional, adult-mental and elder-spiritual.
Then I realized that three of them are doing really well, trained and developed beautifully. Only one aspect has been neglected. You can guess which one, don’t you?
She has been too timid to ask. She kept quiet while mommy (adult) has been busy taking care of other kids, making their wishes true. And that’s ok. She’s been saving all her wishes and great desires into her own private journal locked with a tiny key. One day, someone who loves her truly will find her journal and will know where to find the key, too. And will spoiled her rotten. It’s a contemporary fairy tale.
So funny! I always think of Snow White and her seven dwarfs. The seven dwarfs are actually seven aspects of a man: bashful, doc, dopey, grumpy, happy, sleepy, sneezy. Her purpose is to learn to love them all.