I know who I am

I know who I am This is not arrogance. This is not ego, no self image. This is a basic recognition of who I am. I am God's child. Creators creation. I am as He created me. Perfect. I've never been anything else than that. I tried to pretend of being less than perfect, being … Continue reading I know who I am

Brother’s Return

He is here. ... backing me up in every inspired word I've ever said or write. Because we both are God's children and we both know what this means. I feel much stronger again. I am Home. We are here to let the light shine so we all may see what is real. When a … Continue reading Brother’s Return

I, woman, create a feeling: authenticity

We are swimming in a sea of "attempts", incomplete ideas that our childish mind generate, plus the mess we make in the complicated process of "making them". But we keep on doing the same thing over and over. We refuse to change our minds. We refuse to ask for better minds. Unified, integrated, simplified, cleared, … Continue reading I, woman, create a feeling: authenticity