I, woman, create a feeling: authenticity

We are swimming in a sea of “attempts”, incomplete ideas that our childish mind generate, plus the mess we make in the complicated process of “making them”. But we keep on doing the same thing over and over. We refuse to change our minds. We refuse to ask for better minds. Unified, integrated, simplified, cleared, complete mind.
That is the first realization and request of the artist. “I want a good mind.” Because the mind is the main tool in our creation work. A good heart desires to create for no other reason than sheer joy.
What makes a work of art authentic? Some artists say it is hard. For others comes naturally, from playing with their media. It depends how much debris has to be cleaned up.
All that is needed is a willingness to renounce to all that you have learned, all that you’ve seen and heard and believe. It sounds like a great deal, but … really… it’s nothing. How do I know it is nothing? Well, I look at results. The results show the ideas, the tools and the process of creation. It’s all in them. Nothing can be hidden away. You must admit. What we create is … nothing.
And it’s ok. We are just children. We play, we try, we miss, we break, we fall. But, at some point, one may get discouraged and give up. Admit you will never succeed in the way you want to succeed. Then, it is time to quietly sit by an authentic creator and simply watch how it is done. Don’t ask him any questions at all. He has no words to convey his state of being. Simply be quiet and watch him. You’ll understand. You’ll remember. All information it is already in you. Just relax and let it come.
Man (the masculine aspect, better said) creates shapes and structures. But woman (the feminine aspect) is also creators. She creates feelings.
I create now the feeling of authenticity. Feeling whole, never wrong, complete … almost. Feeling mature. Knowing. Feeling. Sensing. Trusting. Body-mind-emotion-spirit all aligned. Open and vulnerable to emotions. Willing to take the ride. Sense of adventure and exploration. Foolish, at times. Never sorry. Joy from both excitement and peace. Always in love with the moment.