The wedding. Girl’s suprem dream. Or maybe it is a remembering of the truth in an innocent mind. A fairytale wedding. But it more than what it seams. A wedding is a reunion of two worlds, all of bride’s world with all of groom’s world. A reunion in the name of love.
At the wedding, we are all in love with everybody. We forget completely all our differences and all we imagined we are. We leave all thinking for the sake of love which resides in all of us. We live in Paradise once again. Everything is beautiful all around. Large clean beautiful space, flowers, good food, beautiful clothing, …
The wedding is our communion in love. Everyone invited is bride or groom. We declare absolutely that we choose love and peace that comes with it. Forever. Fear and its war have dissipated as if they have never existed. We can’t even remember what these words mean.
Children run happily free at the wedding. They feel so safe being surrounded by so many happy in love adults who love and nurture them. They know that this is how life should be because only like this is is good. Anything else is just bad dream.
Such a big family is strong forever.