I know who I am

I know who I am
This is not arrogance. This is not ego, no self image. This is a basic recognition of who I am. I am God’s child. Creators creation. I am as He created me. Perfect. I’ve never been anything else than that. I tried to pretend of being less than perfect, being like that or that or another mind-constructed concept. But all those images of myself I have created … they just vanished somehow … When I remembered who am I. There is no need to know more than this. There is no need to feel anything else than the vast see of Love that I live in.
So that’s how I know I am good, I am beautiful, I am intelligent and wise, I am worthy, I am loved. No one can tell me any different. Some may try but I hear none of that. Some may act in a way that says I am not good enough, I have to change to deserve what I want, I must try to fit an image, I must think better and more, I must get more new information from many many others, I must strive to show them I can be as they wish to see, that I must work hard to prove I am worthy of their attention, …
I let them be. Maybe some day they will have the same recognition as I have.
So, now I can gracefully release them of all the strings I tied myself to them. I may confidently truthfully wholeheartedly offer myself EVERYTHING I HAVE EVER WANTED in life!
“I want the fairy tale!” she says in Pretty Woman. No compromise. Nothing less than whole goodness! Nothing less than God’s love!