100% for Happiness

No space for sadness of any kind. No reason for pain or frustration. No need for tears, no place for anger.
I am setting up my mind to work full time for my happiness.
Find reasons to love, little things to pay attention to: dew drops on grass blades, on rose petals, birds chirping, sheer white curtains in soft breeze, smells of autumn approaching, sound of morning coffee grinding, laughter of friends, music rippling through my body, moving my body sweetly swiftly across smooth floor, freeing movements, aligning my body to balance, clearing and freeing my mind, children eyes, breathing deeply, seeing energy flow, sounds of people voices, music … Little things are real happiness. Little things are always here to love. Permanently in love. Not visibly necessarily. That which changes can’t be real, can’t be a reason for true happiness.