A gift: Freedom with Love

I can give you freedom. I can untie those useless bounds that prevent you from living fully. Freedom to do what you have or want to do, to be what you are, to live as you love. I give you freedom to go away and return, to be silent or talk to me, to watch movies or sleep, to dance any kind of dance, with other women or with me, to cook as you like (regardless of my taste), to design and build as you like, to relate to our children as you choose to, to come and go, do crazy things, to create new problems for you to solve, to be irritated or angry, to see the world as you want to, to be you, to dream big, to fly high …
Freedom within love. Freedom within our permanent union of heart and spirit. Freedom wholeheartedly. Crystal clear, clean freedom.
I want to give you freedom. A gift from Heavens.
Then, I’ll give you peace.
And a wonderful world.