I feel … Peace, Breath, Love

I feel …
… My inbreath contracts the universe in a point.
… My outbreath births and expands the galaxies.
… You are just another version of me, only apparently different.
… The world is like a stage where I play my favourite insane role in my own story.
… Fear is forgetting all about love and joy and peace.
… Mental sanity comes from sitting still and quiet, breathing deeply and listening.
… Happiness is always at hand, a flower, the skyscape, a cake, a friend’s eyes.
… The thing to do here is to remember who we are and be peaceful again.
… Peace is not a state of mind. Peace is beyond mind and body, this and that, is even beyond soul. Close your eyes. Peace has its own eyes … Crystal clear.
… Love is like ether, the so called empty space in which all things, big and small, appear and manifest.
… Friendship is the easy way to get to know and love yourself.
… You want to love, to be clear and peaceful, to be joyous for any meaningless reason, to stand firmly and say “I know who I am”.
… Every moment is a pure instantly birthed world so rich in feeling experiences that it has the potential to last forever.
… I feel …
… Bliss