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Fifteen and a Half





Hello there, readers!
The autumn has finally arrived and this only means something: Welcome back, big, slouchy cardigans! I have always enjoyed wearing huge sweaters and this is one of the thousand reasons why I’m totally  in loove with this season and all that revolves around it. The coloured leaves, that specific smell of the cold air and many many other tumblr-ish things just make the whole season look… PERFECT!
For unknown reasons, I have always associated autumn with everything that counts as being vintage and this might be the main reason why I’ve chosen this Rokit paisley shirt. The brown riding boots were and still are one of my FAVs. They are so versatile and yet extremely comfy!
In the end, I wish you a wonderful, inspirational autumn!

Cardigan: Primark/ Shirt: Rokit/ Jeans: Primark/ Riding boots: Decathlon/ Belt: NY-er


The botanical garden where we took this pics was the best…

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