No-Nonsense Simple Love Energy Understanding

Dear friends,

Last night I woke up in the middle of night and couldn’t go back to sleep. Many thoughts came over to visit. They didn’t stay for too long. I intently started thinking about love. The Energy.
I must share with you this no-nonsense explanation which all may understand.
It’s impossible to say “I don’t believe in energy.” It is the same as saying I don’t believe in light of Sun, heat of fire or Sun, air, firmness of land, flexibility and cleanliness of water, beauty and serenity of nature, or friendship. It is that obvious. So obvious and so everywhere around us that we don’t spare a thought about it. There is nothing we can talk about it. It is just there. Everywhere we look, everything we see, touch, feel, hear. And I literally mean EVERYWHERE! (Yes, even that … and that … and that …. and yes, him and her too, … as hard to believe it may seem. So just drop your crazy ideas!) Our own terrestrial existence is dependent on it.
So love is invisible like heat or like kindness. And yet we all experience it. We feel it so clearly and strongly that we know for sure is there. Even a little child knows this.
Now, with this feeling and thought of being surrounded by love/pure energy from all possible directions, what could go wrong with us? They are just mad ideas created by our own irresponsible sleepy mind. Pay no attention to them! Drop them all together!
Just remember this: Love is everywhere and all we need is love. Now just get up and give a big hug to your life and start breathing deeply and calmly.
Let stuff go!