Some thoughts about food and breathing practice

Instead of listening to the words, I prefer to pay more attention to the sound of voice. I journey through particular inflections, feel how timbre scratches or strokes my ear drum, let my heart dance to the rhythm of speech, …

Instead of looking at what is right in front of my eyes, I’d rather try to look beyond and see the course of events, that history of life which created it. Maybe try and look at it with a different pair of eyes, even ask “what are love’s thoughts about this?”

I never eat food before thinking love thoughts about it. I think of the wheat field bathed in sunlight in a hot summer day when birds are sleeping at their. Of how gentle loving hands kneaded the flour … One may believe this kind of thinking is useless. Not if practiced with discipline and perseverance. My thoughts change the way I feel about my food. The world, the food in this case, is a mirror of my mind. If I smile at the it, it will smile right back. 

In the end, we are not what we eat, not what we think, not what we know, not even what we feel. We simply … ARE! No argument necessary. But … if you like arguing, that’s ok too. If you like problems, problems will come. If you like fighting, war is your cup of tea. Just remember: there is a whole lot more to discover and choose from when you start journeying inside.

Sit quietly and breathe! Become a spectator of the show of the world and even of your own person. Feel how freshly born is each moment, each new breath you take. Think of how much light each particle of air contains. Enough to birth galaxies. Go ahead, take a deep full breath right in. Fill yourself with goodness. Hold for a moment or two, feeling how air particles reach your deepest pockets of your lungs. And then they travel further in, passing to your blood stream and to all the cells of your body. Go about your day remembering from time to time to breathe. 

LOVE! Now, that’s GOOD FOOD!