My soul wants to …

… be good to myself, be gentle, kind, loving, grant any wish or desire I could imagine, instantly

… be with people I feel connected to, same wave lengths, communicate, laugh a lot

… expect only nice things, gentleness, kindness, only a pleasantly warm weather, blue clear skies

… love as intensely, as deeply,  as fearlessly as he loves, kindly

… do the things I love to do like listening music, singing, dancing, drawing and painting

… learn new things to do

… do things that I always wanted to

… feel immensely appreciated, loved and cared for

… share my soul’s impressions in writing

… see, hear and write as my soul would

… feel as my soul feels, free and unlimited

… speak as my soul would speak, truthfully

… be my soul completely.

Spend time with my soul, acknowledging him. Listening to his thoughts. Sensing his desires.

Know my soul. Act as my soul.


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