Divine Joy

Only her knew
How glad God is
Holding her in His hand.
His feminine creation,
Trusting Him, loving Him so much
To say “may Your will be done to me”.
“May I always be open, receptive,
Eager for your love in a miriad of forms.
May Your love call sing through my heart.
May his heart respond with Your voice.”
Only her could feel
His joy of bringing her love.
There he is, slowly approaching
Each step preparing, softening, opening.
Each breath cleansing,
Leaving the world behind,
Melting away his fears.
“Let these two come together,
For my joy!” God says.
“Let their hearts reach
Toward one another and touch,
Swirl into each other, like colors in water.
Let their glance lock, hands join,
Let their souls spread wings and soar
Into each other, like dancers within music.
Let it be … Love!”
Only two could hear
God’s love song.
His favorite experience.
Entire world is transformed.