For Love, Speak Truth

Yes, we suffer of loneliness, of fear, of unworthiness. We shout at the world, we threat it, we blame it, we punish it.
Yes, we want stuff, we want money, properties, fame, power to control, we want physical sensations … Or this is what we believe we want. We believe we know what happiness is. We think we know what truth is. We have a faint idea of what love is suppose to mean. We think we know so much and yet we are so unhappy and scared. Where is the logic in all this?
For God’s sake, just simply STOP! Just stop for a moment! Stop this nonsense!

Close your eyes! Breathe! Open your arms!
What is it that your fingers are touching? Is it air? Is it an object? Or … is there … Someone? A person? A real human being with eyes and breath and arms and blood and feelings? Just feel him or her. Someone just like you! Isn’t him/her seeking what you are seeking? The truth … Happiness … Love? Isn’t him/her afraid of truth, happiness, love just like you are? Just relax and truly feel his aliveness. That so not-at-all-special someone. Just a regular human being. Right there, by your side. Who told him to be there? Don’t you wanna scream from the deepest depth of your heart “I love you so much, just looking at you, being in your presence, listening to your voice makes me genuinely happy! All I want, all I ever wanted is this truth, this happiness, this love!”
Use these with any “someone”.

Now look again at the world.

WARNING!!! Speaking these words will surely destroy your ego/self-image for good! It’s ok to start slowly and simply think these words, silently. Expect miracles!