I want to read a book …

… About a girl who knew she has to be the soul of a place, a gate towards Life.
… About a love that makes the bad world disappear.
… About a man who could create a new world with his mind, for his beloved bride, using her heart’s dream as a template.
… About beautiful beings of sacred geometry and symmetry and pure vibration, of sound and color, who amaze and enchant
… About creatures of darkness, just imperfect incomplete sketches that wait their turn to be brought to the light of higher geometrical pattern organization and symmetry.
… About a unified way of seeing, of communication, of co-creation.
… About sensing the new desired dream of a nation, the new era of a world and finding the way toward it, conjuring the feeling, thinking the word.
… About truthfully looking for the perfect system and honestly admitting that no man made system can ever be perfect in the way Life system already is.
… Seeking and finding a gateway to get back to Life, one from the many the Wayshowers are pointing to.