Chapter One. The Golden City

Copyright Daniela Andreea Toma 2014. All rights reserved.


Her name is Mira. She wanders the world, from east to west, from dessert to ocean, from mountains to plains. She has no place to call home. She has never had. But she likes it this way, this kind of freedom. No one to answer to, no one to hold you behind. It’s the right kind of life for a free spirit as she is. This does not mean she has no friends. No way! Everywhere she goes she makes new friends, regardless their nationality, race, gender or other personal appearances or choices. She sees their beauty inside and smiles to that.
In this particular day of july when the rain is fairly warm and birds ready for a bath, Mira decided it might be a good idea to start walking in the rain, following a narrow winding path bordered by great oak trees. This path started in the city and carried Mira away, on soft hills beyond the outskirts of the city. Mira walked wondering at every step: how do drops form a puddle? What kind of ties hold drops together? She tried to think if she has ever seen drops of water … alone. Just one, sitting all by itself … She thought perhaps dew drops are like that. Standing on their own. But in the end them too join other drops, either by returning into the earth beneath, or rising into air as particles of moisture. She imagined then particles of air dancing with water moisture, one lighter, one heavier; one lower, the other higher; one standing, the other spinning around. She imagined how dance might feel like for a particle of moisture.
Walking barefoot with sandals in hand, loosely hooked in one finger, gently stepping on slippery leaves, dreaming about rain and dew drops, Mira finds herself in front of a house. Soaking wet, Mira rings the bell to ask for shelter and towels to dry herself out.
No one answers although the gate is open.
– Hello! Hellooooo! Mira shouts.
No one answers, but curtains at window moved.
Timidly, Mira enters through the open gate into the front yard of the house. She notices the front door is also open.
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