Befriend a Stranger’s Soul


I am mother, I am wife, I am daughter and granddaughter, I am sister, I am friend. I know joy that close ones bring with their smiling eyes, with their laughter, with their dreams. I know pain when they suffer. I know happiness of bringing them joy. I know guilt of making them suffer. I know madness of my careless mind, without a heart connection. So I cannot blame others for their own madness. Others are also fathers and sons and brothers. Others also know guilt and pain and joy.
But I cannot not feel others’ pain of loosing the sight and the touch of someone dear. And yet I cannot not seek for an answer. Eleven years ago, I too lost sight and touch of someone truly loved. And I remembered, … we are souls. We exist beyond sight and beyond touch. We continue to love Life and dream of ways of loving the world after we loose our precious and beautiful earth-built bodies.
We, who still have a body, are able to befriend a soul. Because we are able to easily connect our hearts. And all that joy and harmony that a soul wanted to bring in the world while living in a physical body of sight and touch, all that soulful beauty, all those dreams, to physical friends are entrusted, to make it all real. It’s too much for just a few family members and friends. So much that is overwhelming, so much beauty, so much love of Life.
So, dear ones who lost a loved one, let the world know him or her. Let people befriend the soul of a total stranger, as they feel guided by their hearts. Let their existence be acknowledged by others, as they continue to inspire us, to encourage us towards more wondrous beauty and joy of Life. It’s why we are here for!

~ Blessings ~