Chapter Two. One Morning

Chapter Two. One Morning.


Copyright Daniela Andreea Toma 2014. All rights reserved.

– Just say “Hello, Life!” And say “I’m ready to play! What do you want to play with me today?” Then breathe, sit quietly, and listen … Wind, a bird, sunshine on the tea cup, sound of her feet descending the stairs, soft and melodic. Let all thoughts come and go easily, don’t involve in some game with neither one of them. You want to play with Life, remember? The Idea of the day is not a passing cloud. The Idea is so evident, eloquent, robust and logical … So don’t give in to mere passing clouds … Wait for that real storm that will knock you down and blow your mind. Stay alert, eyes wide open, senses turned on. You don’t want to miss it. As soon as it shows its head, jump right into it. Hold nothing back. You’ve got to ride and stay on that magic carpet. Get into the game!”

Theo sat back on his desk chair, rocking and turning his back to his computer. Something was missing, some essential piece. He decided to ask Mira for her perspective.
– You’ve been up early again, haven’t you, whispered Mira as if she didn’t want to wake herself up yet. She placed her hand on his shoulder, slowly bended over him and gave him a “good morning” kiss, with raspberry flavor.
– Mmm, raspberry clafoutis … For breakfast! Only you make me realize I am hungry.
Mira opened her hand and placed a cluster of red beads filled with sweet nectar in his mouth.
– … To keep you alive ’til le clafoutis est prêt, she sang smiling. La, la, la, … A new song, perhaps?
Theo jumped up, took two large steps and swiftly sat in front of his piano. His fingers are seeking some keys, blindly. “It has to be C minor, for sure … Ti, la, la … Di, di, da … ”
Mira, seeking rhymes: Morning clouds dreaming of me/ Stay with the wind sailing the sea/ … Ti, ti, la, la …
“Stay with the music, don’t slip in between” Theo murmured.
– C’est prêt, les enfants! Vien manger! C’est chaud le clafoutis, d’accord! shouted loudly a voice from the garden.
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