Chapter Three. The Dinner Party


Copyright Daniela Andreea Toma 2014. All rights reserved.

– Tell me again, please! pleaded Mira.
Theo was lying on his back on the warm sand of their favorite spot on the beach. He decided to think of nothing else except of sand. He began imagining great rocks passed through the giant patient grinders of winds, water, heat and time. A mental time-lapse projected his thoughts on the inner screen of his mind, forming images. What an amazing machine, the human brain! he thought. Intricately wired to another mesmerizing machine, the human body! Together they have power to create form from nothing and destroy to nothing entire worlds. Until … One day … When this glorious cycle of creation and destruction … looses its meaning. Why did Life bring her? Into my perfectly crafted routine of meditation, nature contemplation and inspired art making? With self disappointment, Theo sadly realized he allowed his mental process to divert from the previously firmly established route. All these years of tibetan meditation, mental discipline training, breath, walking, fasting, praying … What has happened to me? My work… I will get an answer tonight!
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