Chapter Four. A Misty Morning


Copyright Daniela Andreea Toma 2014. All rights reserved.
It’s eight in the morning and yet it is still very quiet in the garden. It’s probably the mist. It feels really … unique, sitting here, in the center of a beautiful garden, surrounded by roses, knowing there is life everywhere around yet not seeing any of it. Or … perhaps all living beings have dissolved into this milky soup. Squirrel molecules are dancing with rose molecules; water made friends with heat; human, with ether. Mira observed her own molecules dispersing within the rich broth, happily floating, free at last, seeking molecules of stars to befriend. And yet they seem to know where they are going and recognize each other as being alike. They are like children running on their neighborhood streets, knowing whom they might meet out there but curious nevertheless of how the day will be played out in the end. They know who the friends are. One thing is for sure: it’s going to be good!
Judging by the rustling grass announcing steps approaching, today will be a good day!
– Good morning, Mira!
His voice sounded warm and calm, just like the first time she heard “come right in!” She smiled and looked at him with curiosity as if she had seen him for the very first time. She recognized him. She felt like she knew him from before, but visions may be … misinterpreted. She has to wait for him to make his choice and pass the test.
– Did you sleep well? she asked.
– Well, let’s say I am happy I slept at all. This haze is really refreshing, isn’t it? and let himself fall back into the garden chair, facing Mira.
Mira loved the most Theo in the morning, before he gets into his “Theo suit”. He can barely keep his eyes open, his eyelids fall heavy over them. Hence, she has to wait with maximum focus for the short moment they lift, revealing a portal of mysterious darkness leading to the light of his soul. She feels intrigued about that darkness and yet she has to remind herself that he might choose not to play Life’s game. He might not recognize her. We shall see! But it’s him! It’s really him. Impossible not to see … And yet, not impossible to desire … only love, forever!
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