Chapter Five. Their Answers.

Their World


Copyright Daniela Andreea Toma 2014. All rights reserved.

“Any moment spent outside love, is a lost moment. Any word other than spontaneously inspired poetry is doomed to aging and expiring.”

“Before I met her I was … a god. The world was at my fingertips. With her, I am a child. The world is our playground.”

“The way we live? Easily. Gently. Tenderly. Spontaneously. Simply. We rise in the morning with the sun. We say “Good morning, Life! Good morning, love!” We have coffee and breakfast in the garden, if the weather is fair. We give thanks for everything. We look at each other. We gaze in each others’ eyes. We smile. Theo says “I wonder how this day feels to you!” I close my eyes and I seek for clues. Some fragrances, some sensations inside my belly. About the day. A personal forecast! Then, I say … “Today it will feel … Musically jazzy. We’ll have a guest for five o’clock tea who will open for us a window toward a different world. In the mean time, Maman Marie is making us a delicious lunch.”

“Let’s travel to see the most beautiful gardens of the world. And the best vegetarian restaurants.” Yes!

“Let’s open a school for children. An intuitive type of school where kids first learn to recognize and trust their inner voice and then learn their needed lessons as guided by it.”

“While traveling I had lost hope at times. I couldn’t die though because he lived in my heart. His heart’s desire kept me moving.”

“Any time I feel any sort of unease, I go to Nature. There, I reconnect with my inner voice or intuition and regain my natural inner harmony. Get tuned in to Life again. And what was wrong simply disappeared. But Nature is not the ultimate beauty. Life is!”
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