My Message to the World: TO BE ALIVE, LOVE LIFE!

No matter how many things you learn to do, no matter how many skills you master, no matter what great and/or many goals you manage to accomplish, no matter how many people you inspire, no matter what successful businesses you manage to grow, no matter how accomplished your children have become and what a good parent that makes you, no matter how many human, animal or plant lives you have saved, no matter how spiritually evolved you have become, being able to travel through many dimensions of consciousness with ease and understanding the science of spiritual matters, no matter what sorrows or what joys you have collected from your experiences and turned them into stories, no matter what courageous acts the world swears you performed, no matter how talented or how inspired you are in your art making, no matter how much poverty and cruelty you proved you can endure, no matter how much kindness, charity, selflessness you proved you can exhibit to others, no matter how many pleasures you discovered and allowed yourself to indulge in, no matter how many wishes and pleasures you manage to self-enforce restraining from indulging in, no matter how many theories your mind has managed to invent and prove as true, no matter who you think you are and what you think you can do …

You are not ALIVE until you LOVE LIFE!

The right questions to ask: 1. What “to love” means? and 2. What “Life” really is?

To love is getting in tune with. We say that “I love you” which means “I really get you, I feel you, I’m on the same wave length as you are, we are singing the same tune in the same key, we are vibrating in sync, we make a whole tune together”. Or we say “I love dancing” which means “dance and I really hit the home base, when I dance I feel like 100% myself, it feels free and easy.”

So to love is feeling whole, complete, secure, strong while actually being known visibly as broken, vulnerable and weak.

To love is doing what your intuition tells you to. To love is getting up and showing up, ready for whatever it needs to be done, cheerfully or grumpy.

Life is not what you have constructed with your mind. Life is not your daily schedule, it’s not your job, it’s not your family, it’s not your hobbies and interests, life is not your personality or character you have constructed, not your emotions and your poetry, not your paintings or your visions, it’s not what you call your passions, life it’s not your spiritual practices or any other practices and rituals your mind decided they’re good for you to follow, life is not your tv shows or the books you read, is not the nature worshiping or adoring you do, life is not the planet saving or assisting, life is not evolving or ascending to higher realms, life is nothing you do … although It might show up at times in your simple actions … and look!

Life IS. To love Life: to be what IS!