Woman’s Eyes

You, man, so strong and brave
Yet so afraid to look
Into your woman’s eyes.
You know you will only
See the truth.
So it takes a lot of courage
To see your true reflection
You might not like what you see,
You think!
And yet, you can’t walk away
Her eyes turned away … madness!
So you fight to bring her the moon,
To destroy or save the world,
To kill and conquer or to bring peace,
All for the same reason:
To impress her with your strength
And with your cleverness.
But still you don’t dare to
Look deep into her eyes!
Helpless, you watch
Moon, and world and … You
Crushed to nothing
Between her eyelashes.
Perhaps if you knew
What you’ll see
It would give you courage.
It’s not what you think!
“Make me beautiful”
She prays to God,
“Make me warm and gentle,
Bathe me in sweet nectar
And shower me with divine perfume
So he may desire me,
So he may find me,
So he may embrace me,
So he may kiss me,
So he may drink me,
So he may look … One day
And see himself
Into my eyes.
So he would know
So he would remember