Why knowing who I am and about intuition

All would be just fine if we would remember who we are.
I can’t say in one or more words who I am. My true identity emerges from the little piece of genetic code (the divine blueprint or plan) chosen to be active in the image we call “me”, “my Self”, or better said “my piece of Self”.
My genetic code created my mind, my heart, my soul. My identity comes from these.
Nothing is more important than discovering who am I, knowing my self. After knowing this, everything flows. As soon as I accept it.
What to do results naturally from who I am. I am a human being so I seek truth. I am a woman so I love. I was given a clear mind so I see what is true what is not. I was given words so I write. I was given a strong heart so I harmonize my surroundings, people and places. Some places, some people are more resistant to shifting to harmony than others.
Harmony is easy to define. Is what Life wants in a particular place and a particular moment in time. It is possible to resist the will of Life … for a little while. No other will can be stronger, more persistent or more logical than the will of Life. So resistance is futile. Possible but futile. The beauty of being a human is this game of continuously finding and aligning, more and more finely tuning yourself to the great will of Life. This game I like to call … Intuition.
I invite you to play this magnificent game. You’ll never know the meaning of the word “boredom”.
How do you start? First, you must clean up … your house, your mind, your heart, your life. Do a giant spring cleaning! Start anew! Then, you learn how to keep quiet inside. Perhaps meditation, walks in nature, focus on your breath … Or other method that suits your mind. Then, you begin sensing and feeling … and you learn asking the right questions.
And let the fun roll!