…been working on my (newest) website … here’s a peek

Remember those childhood moments when time stood still, light had a certain surreal quality and every tiny thing seemed to … breathe? Be alive? Remember when making friends was naturally easy, when you felt truly and completely loved? When you felt innately happy without doing anything in particular? 
We were so completely immersed into our immediate experience of things, so completely empty of any mental “stuff”, so tuned in to our real seeing, with all our senses clean … Our perception of life was clean. I’d say it was real.

Greetings, people!
I am creating this website to share with you all my latest and, I truly deeply believe, my greatest realization of this life-on-earth experience!
I’ll be 38 in a month or so. I lived all my childhood in pure bliss and spent my entire teens and first youth seeking ways to understand and explain that childhood bliss.
Now, I feel I have that final piece piece of the puzzle named “What is this life-on-earth all about?”
I know you’ve heard and read tons of important theories, teachings, channelings, information, … I’ve heard it and read it too. But, in the end of the day, when I put it to work into actual life, I discovered new meanings.
The meaning I discovered is this: it’s all about learning to love life. But any learning must be fun and must make sense.
Therefore, I will dedicate all my phyisical, mental, emotional and spiritual innate features and abilities to pursue this one single objective: proving why it’s logical and demonstrating how to practically and enchanting actually love life.
So, join me, if you feel the same. It’s going to be quite the ride.