Chapter Six. A Magic Show

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– A garden! Mira said, lifting her eyes from sleep. Her right hand stretched up and touched the sunlight beam above her head. She realized she was alone in the bedroom. She wanted to sleep in her favorite space, the little cabin, Theo’s writing place. Theo slept in the main house.
Mira had an amazing dream last night. In her dream, she was reading a children’s book about a little girl who was left all alone in the world. And the entire world was left destroyed and barren by the Lack. Lack of Will, Lack of Love and Lack of Seeing. Lack is not a force, is just inertia of things to go back to their natural state of nothing. Lack is Entropy. Where Lack is allowed to take over all matter is decomposed and all elements return to their initial state of … idle. The little girl had a tiny toy with her, a little white fluffy rabbit. It was a special toy…her only friend. The toy reassured the little girl, saying to her that she could change the world back to green if she finds the Source of Life. The little girl traveled the entire world seeking the Source of Life to ask It to bring back the planet to life. After days and nights of unsuccessful seeking, the little girl lost any hope of finding the Source of Life. She sat down. Then, toy rabbit’s little voice whisper to her “It’s in you!”.
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