Theo and Mira, my ebook is out and ready

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Hello there, dear life lovers!

I am feeling excited about my book being published. It’s been quite the ride the past year for me so I’m pleased of the way I managed to pack feelings, thoughts and new ideas into one single bundle.

Here’s a book synopsis for you and for those who you know might share the same perspective on life. The book is only in the e-book format for now and can be purchased on Amazon, Theo and Mira. Hope you enjoy!

Mira travels and wanders aimlessly. Theo, a middle-aged famous artist, lives inside a big bourgeois house in the suburbs painting, writing and practicing tibetan mindful meditation. Chances for these two very different characters to meet are close to zero. And yet, they do. Serendipitously. At first, Theo’s lone wolf mind tries to ignore the sudden appearance of a girl into his home. However, at the end of their first meeting he lends her a coat so she has a reason to return. Mira understood this message and feeling intrigued about this quiet, lonely man with a kind soft voice, she does return the next day. She takes him a gift which to her great surprise, provokes Theo to laugh uncontrollably. Mira is impressed beyond her senses can convey by Theo’s works of art as well as by the enchanting setting and architecture of his studios. Theo opens up to learning Mira’s own conclusions regarding people and life gathered from her journeys around the world. Also he questions his mind about a woman’s way of sensing and feeling. 

Mira enjoys herself living in Theo’s home by playing simple games with her intuition, listening to flowers and guessing garden’s little wild life daily routine, hearing the whispers of the wind, listening to neighbor’s children playing and sensing people’s feelings. Theo falls deeply in love with her which causes him great confusion, pain even, as he struggles with a psychological imbalance.

Each morning they have breakfast in the charming backyard garden, discussing about themselves and discovering each other yet a little bit more. But Theo is doubting strongly about his “being in love” state so he decides to ask advice from his teachers and friends: his tibetan monk master, his painting teacher, his old native american medicine woman teacher and friend, and the pragmatic cerebral uncle Leo. He invites them all to dinner to introduce to them, much to their surprise, his girlfriend, Mira. Mira senses a hidden agenda for this so-called party, but she stays put and responds freshly intuitively to Theo’s guests’ curiosity. After dinner, she realizes that she also is in love with Theo, and yet she knows she has to loose all expectations and wait for Theo’s firm choice regarding her.

Theo fights to come to sense with his new state of being, confused, undecided, unclear, in the unfortunate context of his psychological condition. However, following Mira’s example and guidance he manages to find some relief and achieves a new psychological balance. He was able to find her when she went missing one misty morning. 

Each day they play games Life subtly timidly intuitively invites them to play. Each day they discover new meanings to things they previously thought they already knew. Each day they increase their perceptive acuity and intuitive skills, becoming more and more receptive to Life’s promptings. Theo finds inspiration for composing music and writing about life’s games, while Mira feels content she has finally discovered what she has been looking for: a home. 

One evening, while watching a certain kind of show, Theo suffers an attack of his old disease while Mira is away. It is now up to Mira to courageously dive deeply into Theo’s distress and bring him back to healthy balance. But inside Theo’s mind, many scary demoralizing changes have occurred, and Mira has to resist her own natural impulses to wander off in order to do what has to be done for Theo. Following thoroughly her inner voice, she soul travels back in time, in Theo’s childhood, where she talks to him, reassuring him. She brings back from Theo’s childhood a toy. She returns then to Theo’s metal reinforced castle of his adult mind.

The rest is about the meaning of true love and the power of friendship. 

The story is brimming with inner sensations, impressions and feelings as well as with telepathic conversations between Theo and Mira’s minds. Also, the book includes many sensorial and intuitive games for the reader to play in his own real life.