Sex lesson for children (no adults, don’t freak out! You know me by now) photo credits

 (I received an email from one of my Canadian friends. An email of maximum worry and protest against government’s decisions regarding sex education in Canadian schools. It really got me thinking … How would I teach the subject to my own kids? And if I manage to teach correctly, and if they understand completely, then I have nothing to worry about what they are being told in school or by peers, do I? Fear never produced good results. Children who understand will never be impressed by any worldly craziness. They will be the ones teaching. They will never listen.)
Sex. What a compromising word! This very small word, so much obscenity, so much profanity, so much offence, rudeness, what a huge taboo. And yet life would cease to exist without the act described by this word, doesn’t it, adults? Not just human life but Life as existence itself, the state of being (which is impossible, thank God!) Who is responsible for associating this pure phenomenon, omnipresent in nature and in universe, whose absence would bring all into the dark non-being, with the most wild meaningless and childish human fantasies? But who gets into a crazy game except crazy people? 
Let’s come back to reality!
And for ridding ourselves of unwanted connotations of the word sex, let’s find it some synonyms. And yet let’s not look for synonyms for its narrow compromised meaning, rather find words for its general, larger and pure meaning: unite, connect, combine, share, associate, merging, communicate, … maybe even … love. Ah, love, this mystery! Joy! Although most adults are freaking out being faced with bigness, omnipresence and especially with the unseen, kids are not freaking out. On the contrary! Kids want only the truth. Big and whole … like the universe.
Kids, let’s find many examples of love in nature and in universe!
I’ll start …
The sun loves the earth. What would we be without sun’s love?
The bee loves the flower. What would we be without bee’s love?
The earth loves nature. What would we be without earth’s love?
Water loves flowing. What would we be without the flowing of water?
Fire loves disintegration. How much trash would we accumulate without fire’s disintegration? 
The sky loves the the stars. How would the stars shine without sky’s love?
The moon, her too loves the earth. But the moon loves the oceans too.
And the wind loves the flowers. But the wind loves trees too, rocks too, girl’s long hair too. 
Water loves rocks, the sand, trees’ roots, the blood.
The sole of my foot loves the sand of the beach, soft grass and the animals who gave me their skin as a gift.
My skin loves the linen, the cotton, silk worms, the crude petrol oil in my clothing. 
My mouth and my body love fruit trees, the plants and animals in my food.
My ears loves the birds, the sea, the wind, heart beats and words sourced from joy, from complete understanding.
My fingers love the shells, little smooth pebbles, geometric shapes, long hair and velvety skin.
My eyes love the light with all its colors, in the world and in the stones, but they especially love the light in your warm eyes.
The strong, bold, intelligent boy loves long hair warm eyes soft skinned girl’s fragility, unsureness, calm, emotion.
The girl loves words, shinny pebbles and the light of the soul from his eyes.
The fingers love the skin, but also the lips love the skin.
The skin loves the fingers, but also loves the breath.
The ears love the words, the voice but also heart beats.
The hair loves the wind but also the fingers.
The baby loves mother’s milk, her warm skin, her heart beats and her voice.
Father loves to think and to build.
Mother loves to nurture and to grow.
The child loves games, nature and discoveries.
Plants love the stars, the galaxies love both the plants and the stars too.
The universe loves galaxies.
Life loves everything.
Now you go! 
Key word : joy.
P.S. Dear adults, don’t try to give your madness to your children. It’s a waste of time. They are wise now, wiser than you know. They will never accept your craziness. 
by Andreea Garden
Original post in romanian, on my romanian blog, written on May 2nd 2015. 
English translation May 6th 2015.