Why does Italy feel so good?


I want to find all the reasons. I want to discover the Italian thoughts and vibes that are responsible for creating such “essence” of good living!!! 
Is it the grand picturesque scenery? The soft curbs of the hills, neatly cultivated with grape vines? Is is the soft blueness of the sky? The warm friendly seas? 

Or is it the firm stone solidity, the certainty of symmetry in their architecture? Is it the ivy allowed to conquer walls and fences and gates? 

Or perhaps the fragrances and tastes of fresh grapes, wine, almonds, olive oil, tomatoes, fruits, pasta, gelato, mozzarella, …and … oh, the perfect divine espresso! Mmmmm…. I sapori …. 

Is it the smooth elegant lines of italian design? The sheer sophistication of simplicity? The natural beauty of the spontaneity of a well cleaned up soul? Their state of the art coffee houses? Their hospitable restaurants? Their masterful cuisine? 

Is it the bold art? The uplifting music? Or the musicality of the language? 

Or is it Italian philosophy of life: “la vita e bella”?

Is it the authentic sensibility of the people to all and everything that is alive and beautiful. “Ciao, bella!” you hear them greeting each other, greeting strangers too, greeting those not so visibly “belli” too, greeting those obviously single or obviously married too! 

Is it their fiery passion for living each given moment at its best, to extract as much aliveness as humanly possible from each encounter with Life? To milk each drop of sweet juice from each living moment?

Is it their absolute love for Life?

If there is a perfect place on Earth to start REAL LIVING …